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3D program source shared for kids

According to Darwins theory of evolution, our children should be better than us. So how should I teach him/her

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Musk is my son's English name. He is now six years old, intelligent, happy, and has a strong focus. As a tech-savvy dad who works in coding, I have always hoped to pass on my lifelong skills to him and venture through life together, embracing its challenges.

Shortly after he was born, I started considering introducing him to programming education. After comparing and testing various programming education software and courses with my discerning programmer's eye, I decided to teach him myself. I chose "Minecraft" as the gaming background, intending to immerse him in the world of coding while playing the game together.

"Minecraft" is highly respected in the programmer community for its infinite freedom and sandbox-style building, similar to Musk's passion for LEGO since childhood. I started playing "Minecraft" with Musk when he was three years old, so he also enjoys watching related gameplay videos. We have always focused on Musk's English learning from a young age, so we primarily play the game in English. After playing intermittently for about a year, besides being able to independently perform simple command operations, he also learned many English words. But what surprised us the most was his sudden increase in Chinese vocabulary!

It turned out that besides some simple words taught in kindergarten, he learned many words from watching "Minecraft" TV videos (in Chinese). This made me think more seriously about the pros and cons of playing "Minecraft"...